Friday, December 07, 2007

The Annual Argument

Hubby and I rarely ever fight. We are both the type to just get quiet, keep things in, and deal with it. (I know - real healthy) So I joke that our annual fight comes right after Thanksgiving. We fight about our Christmas tree. For the first 6(?) years of marriage, we fought over the lights on the tree. He said "definitely colored blinking lights". I said "absolutely not!!! We will have clear lights that don't blink."

That was when we lived in apartments. Now that we own our home and don't have enough furniture to fill it ... we have a large living room that only has a futon, a diaper changing table, and a lot of toys in it. He says "we need a tree that will fill our living room!" I say "how about a tree that I can help pull out of the Christmas tree farm? A tree that we don't have to let the bottom 4 feet at the farm. A tree that doesn't let 'grass' stains on the door frames of our house? A tree that will stand in the base without being tied to the wall? A tree that doesn't dwarf the little angel on top?"

Well, we have owned 3 HUGE trees. I think that they get bigger each year. On Fire can attest to this whole story. We have been to the Christmas tree farm together.

Here is a picture of this year's tree. The dimensions of the tree are 8 1/2 feet high (it touches our ceiling) and 7 1/2 feet wide. I had to take the picture like this so you can see the massiveness of the tree. Actually the picture doesn't do it justice. You really should stop by to see it! Oh and by the way, we have compromised with clear lights that do not blink and colored blinking lights. So for a split second every so often, you can see only clear lit lights.

Don't tell hubby this. I kind of enjoy the whole thing. I just have to pick a "fight" to tease him.


Hands-Free Heart said...

We used to have the same argument, also for the first 6 years of marriage. I wanted white, he wanted blinking color... but not fast blink... some slow fading blinking that doesn't really exist except in his childhood memories. But I was the one wanting the bigger tree, at least since we have a house with high ceilings.

Since having kids, we switched to artificial. It is a 9 ft tree, but not nearly as wide as your monster! We have 500 colored lights deep in the branches, only about 100-150 of them blink. Then we have another 500 white lights strung closer to the edges of the tree. I love this effect... white lights, with some color peeking out... the colors really aren't in-your-face when they're hidden in the tree... but it is a pain to do on real trees (wear gloves if you ever try it).

Melissa said...

It's Oscar's older brother!!!!

On Fire For Jesus said...

Hilarious! And I'm totally with your hubby on size! It matters.

J said...

what a lovely Christmas tree!!!