Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We Are Crazy!

I forgot that I wanted to post this on Sunday until I took Like I Was Saying...'s Poll.

Hubby fell in love with Wegman's when he was working in State College. He would go there for lunch almost every day. I can't tell you how excited he was when he heard that Wegman's was coming to town. We had club cards before the store was even open.

So as you all probably know, the store opened on Sunday. After the kid's naps, we put everyone in the car and headed over to Wegman's. Daddy pushing Princess in a stroller, Mommy carrying Little Guy in the Snugli and pushing the cart. We maneuvered all over this ginormous store that was nothing but wall to wall people.

We did get some very good samples of food. Some of our favorites were the brie with raspberry jelly on top, apple cider bread, and some type of pear(?).

While in the store, I remember something that Hubby told me on the way there. (He was telling me a lot of Wegman facts.) He said, "They are expecting 15,000 people today!" My thoughts are that all 15,000 people were there while we were. IT WAS CRAZY!!!!

People were actually doing their grocery shopping! Who would even think of grocery shopping in a store that you move 1 foot every 1/2 hour!

It is a very nice store and I can't wait to go back sometime when the crowd dies down. Oh and by the way, the kids were great throughout this experience. We were very proud parents.

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