Friday, September 21, 2007

Our Anniversary

As you know from my last post, Hubby and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary yesterday. We decided to celebrate by being together this year instead of buying each other gifts (although I think I may be crazy after seeing what Hubby designed for me.) We would have liked to go away for a weekend, but decided against it since we have two young kids (one nursing).

Hubby came home from work with a HUGE bouquet of flowers and a card for me. The flowers are so beautiful (I would take a picture, but my camera needs batteries and we are completely out). I gave him 2 Cacao Reserve Hershey bars (his favorite) and a card.

Then we were off to dinner. Hubby in a suit and tie. Me in my new dress from Macy's ($16 on clearance, marked down from $59.99. Gotta love that! They have great clearance racks right now. I forgot to write a post about it.) Headed to Hershey to the Circular Dining Room!

We had a wonderful time together. It was fun. Neither of us know proper etiquette so we just did our best pretending. We were able to have a window seat and look at a beautiful view. We tried things that we would never usually try like raw salmon with cucumber salad served with some sauce with caviar. The food was good, but we probably will not dine there again.

We are going to finish celebrating our anniversary next week with a bus trip to New York. I am so excited!!!


TCC said...

Honestly some of my favorite "celebrations" with Simms are when we are able to just take time out from the everyday hustle and bustle and go on a real life date! :)

Happy Anniversary again!

Mama said...

happy anniversary!!
I just found your blog! Will be back again!
I'm always glad to find new mommy blogs.......Love the music on here!
I have 8 children ages 13 down to 5m. Come by my place soetime!