Friday, June 01, 2007

A New Favorite!

My all time favorite foods are peanut butter and chocolate. You mix the two together and I love it even more.
My favorite candy bar used to be Peanut Butter Twix. I was VERY disappointed when Mars stopped making them several years ago.

The other day standing in line at Target, I noticed a new Twix candy bar called Twix PB. It has a chocolate cookie and peanut butter covered in milk chocolate! Of course I had to try it. (I am breastfeeding so I need the calories.)

Let me just tell you. I think I like it better than the old Peanut Butter Twix. The only difference is the old one just had a plain old vanilla cookie in it. This one has the chocolate cookie. Yummy!!!!!!!

I haven't looked real hard for it, but the only place that I have seen it is at Target. (Lucky for me, that is where I usually by diapers - weekly!!!)


TCC said...

The 'old' peanut butter twix was my favorite too! I am not eating chocolate right now BUT peanut butter and chocolate are Simms two favorite 'foods' as well when you are talking about a dessert! I might just have to big one up for my man. :)

Tracy W said...

Have you ever tried the pb twix ice cream? OH MY GOODNESS! I can't even buy it. No, I'll be completely honest, I can't even look for it at the grocery store. It's too tempting and I NEVER share it if it makes it past the freezer into my cart and home to the freezer. OH MY GOODNESS! Next time I hit the candy aisle, I'll be lookin' - you can be sure of that :)

Krazy Klingers said...

One of the greatest inventions EVER was chocolate and peanut butter together. It is def my favorite too. Loved seeing your little bundle at the women's breakfast.