Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Need Some Ground Coriander Seed?

The other day as I was cooking dinner, I needed oregano. Well I think it took me 5 minutes to find it mixed in with all of my other spices. I decided that I should probably go through my spices and throw out the old ones. I finally realized that some of the spices that came in the spice rack that I got at my bridal shower - 10 years ago - I was probably never going to use. Who uses whole mustard seeds, whole cloves, and crushed bay leaves anyhow?

Because I had so many spices, I never could find what I wanted. I would just assume that I didn't have basil leaves so I would just buy more when I went to the grocery store. (I act like spices are cheap or something.) Anyhow these are the duplicates that I found in my spice rack - all are rather new, almost full, and opened.
  • 2 ground cumin
  • 2 ground ginger
  • 2 ground coriander seed
  • 2 ground cayenne red pepper
  • 3 containers of sesame seeds! (I don't even have a recipe that calls for sesame seeds!)

I don't have duplicates of the normal oregano, cinnamon, parsley, etc. I have duplicates of weird stuff!!! I need your help. If you have a recipe that calls for any or all of these, I would like to try it. Or if you need any of these spices, feel free to stop by and pick some up. I have plenty!


On Fire For Him said...

Aaahhh...this post made me think of a Sunshine nickname!

TCC said...

I have a recipe for sesame chicken which would use the seeds. Also a chicken enchilada recipe that uses cumin. I know I have something that uses red pepper...

I will have to get the recipes to you another time. We leave shortly for T-ball practice!

Tracy W said...

The cumin is great in anything Mexican or Spanish! Try the ginger in a big batch of marinade (soy sauce, fresh minced garlic, olive oil, onion powder, tomato paste and ginger all whisked together). You can bottle it and it keeps for several months if you just pour out what you need for the meat. Yummy on pork or chicken or fish . . .

Janene said...

I can't help you out with your extra spices ~ but I can tell you that random talking toys aren't really that strange. We have a talking rocking horse that requires you to push it's ear to make it talk and it goes off by itself ALL THE TIME! I finally turned the sucker off because it was giving me the creeps so bad.