Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Weekend with On Fire and Say Anything

This past Friday Say Anything and I traveled approximately 8 hours to visit On Fire. We had a great time together. We shopped ALL day on Saturday. We ate at a mexican restaurant for lunch. We got "free massages" at the Sharper Image (on their massage chairs - which if I had $4000 I would be buying the one that I sat in) and we got pedicures. But most of all, we just had a really good time together being girls (with no kids - thank you husbands!).

Back at home, I left Princess with my mom until Daddy got home from work on Friday. Then Daddy and Princess had 3 days to bond. I don't think that is what Princess had planned for the weekend. She cried ALOT, did not sleep well, had symptoms of being sick, etc. Because of this, I could not take my mind off of her. I called home alot to see how she was doing - because you know I could help with her since I was only 4 states away!

I got a great welcome home from her. She could not stop smiling. Like Daddy said "if she smiles any bigger her face will crack!" I got home at her bed time, but I played with her for an hour and half. She was so happy that I was home.

Since I have been home, Daddy has gotten the flu and bronchitis:( He has been home from work the last 2 days. He did go to work this morning. But hallelujah, Princess has been sleeping through the night again and taking her naps with almost no problems.

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On Fire For Him said...

Waiting for pictures or some sort of updated post.

BTW - Thrills hubby care to write a post or two???