Monday, March 26, 2007

TJ Rockwells

A new restaurant has opened in Mechanicsburg!

TJ Rockwells just opened beside Ashcombe's.

They have a location in Elizabethtown that Hubby and I would visit occasionally. Since it was a little bit of a drive, we didn't get there too often. We are very excited that they decided to move closer to us.

Hubby loves their sizzling fajitas. We both love their rhino fries (VERY fattening though, I'm sure). I can't say that I have a favorite, but I have never had anything bad.

We can't wait until this summer. They have a HUGE deck and have all you can eat seafood nights. I have also seen their Sunday Brunch Buffet. I haven't tried it, but will be trying it soon.

Check them out and if you want company, give us a call. I'm sure we would drop any plans to join you!!


Classic MaMa said...

Love Rockwells! Since we live in magical E-town, I've been going there for about 6 years. When Scarlett was little, she just called it "The 'Nocerous" for all of their Rhino decor. The Sunday bruch is amazing and well worth the money. I'm glad that they started a chain.

TCC said...

Never have been there but sounds yummy. Think JC and I are going to have to check that out for our next date night!

On Fire For Him said...

Ooh. It's finally opened. I know you have been looking forward to this!

CampHillGirl said...

I was just at Ashcombe's today and noticed that a sign was up announcing a new restaurant, but I didn't pay much attention. We'll have to try it out. We need Sunday brunch places.