Friday, February 16, 2007

Mealtime Prayer

I just love to see what Princess is going to start doing. She mimmicks her daddy and I so much now it is not even funny. One of her newest things is when I sit down to the dinner table (I am always the last to sit down), she would stop eating her food and put her hand out toward me. The first couple of times I thought she had some food on it and wanted me to wipe it off (because like her mother, she doesn't like her hands dirty). So I would wipe it off and she would just hold it there. Then I realized that she wanted to hold my hand so we could pray for the meal. Just a week ago, she cried when we tried to hold her hand to pray.

I love that every day she does something new. It just makes me smile all day.

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~ Jayme ~ said...

That's so adorable!! My children participate in the prayer at meal time now. Earlier this school year my son learning the 'children's prayer' from school. His teacher taught him and one day he came home and told us he wanted to say the prayer. "God is good, god is great, let us thank him for this food......." He got it a little mixed up, but OMG, it was so cute!!! He has it all figured out now and he says the prayer every night and then daddy follows with a few extra tidbits to add. ;)

just wanted to share my story. :)