Monday, December 04, 2006

Fun Birthday Parties

Over the last couple of weeks, Princess has been to 2 birthday parties. The kids had a blast at both parties. I thought I would tell you about them just in case you needed an idea for your child's birthday.

The first party that she went to was for a 3-year-old boy. It was at the "My Gym Children's Fitness Center" on the Carlisle Pike. The only kids that were at the gym were the kids invited to the party (which I think is really nice). The kids had access to everything in the gym which included a slide, a 3-foot deep ball pit, a little roller coaster (1 seater that went around in a circle), a high-wire swing (the adults could enjoy that as well), a rock wall for the older kids, things to climb on, a trampoline, etc.

The kids were able to play for about 30-minutes and then the "teachers" played a couple games with the kids. After the games, the kids played some more until it was time to eat. The teachers served the food to the kids and took care of the kids. The parents didn't really have to do anything (except take care of the adults). The kids were also able to play after the food.

What I really liked about this party was that the teachers played organized games with the kids and helped with serving the food. It wasn't really appropriate for a 1-year-old, but then again the party was for a 3-year-old.

The second party she went to was for a 1-year-old girl at the "Hop and Shop/Party & Play" in the Colonial Park Mall. The kids had so much to do here. There are 2 bounce houses (one has a slide in it), trampoline, ball pit (only 1-foot deep), a huge blow-up obstacle course, computers, toys, swing, high bar, rings, plastic roller coaster ride (it's in the picture), etc.

The kids played for an hour. When it was time for food, we all went into another room and the employees had all the kids served with the provided pizza at a table. After the pizza, they served the provided cake (made of cupcakes in the shape of a frog). They also provided juice for the kids and other drinks for the adults.

This was more appropriate for my one-year-old. She had a wonderful time. Again I liked that the employees served the kids. I think the only down side was you have to share the place with others. It really wasn't that bad though. This party was the first weekend in December and it wasn't crowded at all. I also didn't like that the kids couldn't play again after the food.

I really liked both parties, but "The Hop & Shop" was my favorite between the two. We may pay a visit to "The Hop & Shop" on a boring winter day soon. If your kid is potty-trained, you can drop him off and go shopping while he plays!!! There is a small fee depending on age and how many kids you drop off, but to me it would be worth every penny.

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