Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Loving every OTHER minute

I have found a blog that I have really been enjoying lately. It is written by two new moms. The site is full of activities for new or experienced moms.

I just read a posting on their site called
"Love every OTHER minute". This post is about a book of short essays called Mother Shock: Loving Every (Other) Minute of It.

From Rookie Moms blog: "The essay I liked the most in the book is the piece from where the author drew the subtitle “Loving Every (Other) Minute of It”. She explains that when people ask new mothers how they like motherhood, we feel obligated to say “Oh, I love every minute of it.” She provides examples of minutes you might not love and encourages you to make your own list."

So I have been thinking about what would be on my list and this is what I came up with:

1."Knowing" my baby's schedule (I thought "this" is going to be her schedule and then the next day it changes)

2. Having to be there ALL the time to feed her, since she never took a bottle

3. Late nights (I am not a night person) and sleepless nights

4. Going to Borders for coffee and quiet reading just isn't the same

5. How many poopy diapers can we have in one day?!

Leave a comment and let me know some of the things that would be on your list.


Jen said...

Every time he cries going, "What's the matter? What am I doing wrong? I'm such a bad mom! Please don't cry. I love you!"
"Ewww...Yuck! You leaked everywhere! Gross. Ugh! Honey? Can you change his diaper?"
"Finally, the baby's asleep. Now I can get this done and that done and then take a nap and...What's that? I think I hear the baby. Oh, yep, he's crying now. So much for that nap!" :::sigh:::
But I do love being a mommy! (every other minute) :)
Thanks for letting me lurk for a while. I just couldn't help myslef from commenting on this one!

RookieMom Whitney said...

Glad you could relate to that. It's always nice to hear from our readers!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

1. 2 am throw up sessions (this is at 2 yrs old, sure it's not great at 17 yrs old either).
2. The temper tantrum in the grocery store when you have a cart 1/2 full with produce and lunch meat. Do I leave it, do I pay for it, do I finish shopping while he screams, do I scream along with him?
3. Diaper blow out (the kind that requires a bath) 3 minutes before your older son has to be at preschool. As you are walking into preschool (late) you realize that the diaper leaked on the front of your shirt, but you didn't notice until just now--lovely.
Oh, I'm sure I could come up with a lot more and an equal number of loving every minute of it too:D

jb said...

Let's see...these are things that were in the beginning of his life:
1. Spitting up a LOT - thank God for bibs!!! He went through at least 5 bibs a day back then - sometimes more than that!
2. SORE NIPPLES for about 6-8 weeks!
3. Going to do a diaper change, knowing it was a poopie one, and when I went to push his outfit up (my hand going under his backside and on his back) - coming out with a hand full of poop! Now, when I type this, I am laughing!!! I remember trying to get his outfit off, and wipe the poop before he gpt his hand on the poop and then into his mouth or anywhere else - it must have looked very amusing!
4. Spitting up
5. Breaking my tailbone during delivery - and the pain that I had for a good 12 weeks afterwards - and still experience a little bit now and then when I sit for a long period of time
6. Spitting up - did I say that already? Well, I think that for the amount of spitting up that he did, it should be the main part of my list!

Things I love:
1. His smile
2. His giggle
3. His sleeping 12 hours through the night at 15 weeks - and continuing that!
4. His excitement about the world that God created
5. His "full force" attitude with everything that he does - he puts everything into all that he does!
6. His curiosity
7. The way he peeks around the corner
8. Playing hide and seek behind the recliner and his giggle when I pop out from behind the chair
9. Being blessed with this gift from the Lord
10. I am so blessed to have this little guy, and it was worth the spitting up, the sore nipples, the broken tailbone and the blowout diaper. I am "in love" with my son - I guess it gives me a little glimmer into how the Lord feels about us