Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I didn't realize how bad "baby brain" is. I have become quite forgetful since I was pregnant with my little bundle of joy. (At least that was a good excuse.) Well I don't think I really forgot anything life threatening in the past, but now is a different story.

You see my precious baby has started crawling!! She just began crawling four days ago and I still can't remember that she is mobile.

Today, I put her down by her toys so that I could bring groceries in the house. It wasn't until I was almost done putting the groceries away that I realized I left the living room door hanging wide open. She could have crawled out into our entry way and fell right down the steps into a concrete wall!! When will I learn?

So the next time you see me, I may have a red knot tied around my finger. (Don't ask me what it is for because I won't remember.) Just make sure my little girl is out of danger.

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