Friday, July 21, 2006

Over the Edge

Well my daughter turned 9 months old yesterday. We went to her well-baby check up. She is 15 lbs 10 oz and 25 1/2 inches long. Just a peanut.

We had a pretty busy day. My 6-year-old nephew was visiting so we went to Hershey's Chocolate World. We spent two hours there. When we got home I thought my daughter should take a nap. I put her in her crib and went downstairs like I normally do. She laid up there talking and crying a little. Then I heard a THUMP and WAILING. I ran upstairs and she was laying on the floor.

I guess while laying in her crib she learned that she can sit up by herself. Then I guess she pulled herself up (which I knew she could do) and toppled over the railing.

She is fine - not a scratch, bump, or bruise. Praise the Lord!! As soon as my husband got home from work we lowered the mattress.


Mom In Action said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere New Mom! Would you like some Link Love or do you want to get your feet wet a little more first?

On Fire For Him said...

I already added you to my link list! Sorry for not asking.... tell ya what... you could tell me to get out of town and I will listen to you! LOL!
Seriously, will take you off, if you are not ready!

Thrills said...

MIA - Thank you for the Link Love. I will play around with those links as I get chances to.

OnFire - it is ok that you added me to your link list. Now I just feel more pressure to blog.

JUMBU said...

Hi embow! It's Judy --I've thought about blogging, you may have just sold me on it! Taking from an older MOM, your anxieties about leaving your little girl are normal! How I remember those wonderful days, and sometimes wish I could bring them back, just for a few hours. I too, loved that season of my life!
I just knew you would be a great MOM, and really love it!
Update--I only have two churches now. I gave up Violet Hill. Things just became too crazy with 3 services and trying to live a somewhat normal life :)
(What is normal anyway?) Just returned from school in Washington DC. It is always refreshing to go and to come home again. I'll ck back for more from you...soon.